AJSS Product Launch

AJSS has identified that our clients need more than our expertise knowledge – they also need products.

Our clients need more than our expertise knowledge – they also need products. Our experience and discussions with our clients has allowed us to Design, Engineer and Manufacture customised Products that will support cost reduction, increase equipment reliability and extend the time between major interventions.

In 2017 we will be launching a number of products which will be available to purchase on our website. We are creating learning aids and knowledge products that can be shared with employees and students to help develop technical understanding. We are also creating products that will provide solutions to address complex problems associated with rotating customer.

Our first product launch will be the TSC – The AJSS Transportation & Storage Container.


If you have experienced costly equipment damage during transportation – AJSS have designed a product that provides improved protection during shipment, recorded measurement of transit activity and protection for long term storage. The unique design offers you a high level of confidence that your machinery will remain protected until required.

A significant customer benefit is the data logging system. Attached to the sprung components is a tri-axial accelerometer that has the capability to log load experience data in high detail and over extended periods. You can be assured of the impact history of machinery during shipment and storage.

The data collected and the analytical tools developed can be applied to a wide array of machines and shipping and storage conditions. Matching the suspension systems to suit alternative targets for attenuation is within its capabilities and for larger and smaller machines scaling processes are already within our design capability.

The TSC can be fully customised for nitrogen or vapour phase corrosion inhibitor mediums.

The TSC was designed, engineered and manufactured in Australia and supports various government initiatives to re-invigorate local manufacturing.

Contact us to discuss your TSC needs.