During this time our Remote Technical and Field Service Support Teams are available, simply contact us via info@ajss.com.au


This means less time in front of a screen and more time engaging the senses! We can accommodate small or large groups and have already started delivering courses to local Universities and Oil & Gas trainees.

The creation of an additional space that functions as a Photographic and Media room, allows us to create professional videos, learning aids and webinars to share with our Members online.

The AJSS ‘Interactive Training Facility’ opened its doors on may 1st to provide enhanced, hands-on training for our customers.

On realising that we had very quickly outgrown our South Melbourne offices in 2015, we started to look for a new location that would offer us the space we needed to allow us to expand our services and continue to grow. We found just the right place in Cheltenham and after 2 years of extensive planning, we turned an unoccupied manufacturing warehouse, into our Interactive Training Facility and Media Studio.

The facility allows us to provide hands-on Training using a variety of interactive methods that ensure extensive knowledge transfer. We have a large functional space that allows us to provide ‘touch and feel’ experiences on a variety of Gas turbines. Students can conduct Borescope inspections as if they were in a field environment and they have access to high tech vibration equipment, turbine fuel gas trains and instrumentation boards that all provide enhanced, learning in real time.