Field Services

On Site Field Service Support

We can provide expert field services support with Turbine Engineers who can Troubleshoot, Install, Service and Commission Gas Turbines driving Generators and Compressors. If you need cover on site while your teams are Training, or on leave, we can also provide short term site support.

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Field Service Support

Our experienced and qualified field service representatives can provide field services support to maintain, troubleshoot, install, service and commission Gas Turbines driving Generators and Compressors, as well as their associated auxiliary equipment.

Gas Turbines

Gas turbines operating in power generating plants, gas processing plants, pipelines, FPSO’s, mining facilities, etc.

Power Generation

Gas Turbine Driven Generators, Black Start and Emergency Power and Waste Heat Recovery


Gas turbine driven compressors in pipeline, gas processing, and other services


Turbine Controls, PLC, Lube Oil/Fuel Systems, Start Systems, Dry Gas Seals, Surge Controls, Machinery Protection Systems, Fire Systems, etc.