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Data Logger

gSentinel is an AJSS data logger.  This data logger is designed to monitor equipment over long distances, on rough terrain, and during storage after transportation. It can provide long-term monitoring of excessive acceleration in any direction.  The data recorded provides a history of excessive impacts ideally used to verify a safe journey in dispute resolution.  Also, offers peace of mind prior to commissioning or long term storage.

Originally designed for rotating equipment, the g-Sentinal also offers value in transporting or storing any sensitive equipment.

This product is available to rent or purchase.

Contact us for more information at info@ajss.com.au


• Battery life exceeds 1 year

• Operational temperature range: -40°c to +80°c (also available -10°c to +65°c)

• Threshold point between 1g and 20g

• gSentinel measures acceleration of the unit in all directions

• Maintains accurate time and date with communication via USB

• Displays if alarm set point has been exceeded

• Capable of recording several thousand events where the set point has been exceeded

The gSentinel can be used in any industry where excessive impact is possible.  Also suitable where goods are placed into long term storage and may be damaged during movement.

Contact us for more information at info@ajss.com.au


The gSentinel is designed for maximum operating battery life and can be installed on any piece of equipment that will be shipped, stored or left unattended for extended periods of time. It operates continuously once activated and the USB port allows data to be easily downloaded to record the event log to a tablet or PC. Memory capacity is set at over 6000 events.


Industry Application

Depending on your application, you can choose to rent or buy the gSentinel unit.

It is suitable for many industries including Oil & Gas, Marine, Medical, Aviation, and Auto.

AJSS provides a service that matches the settings to the specific equipment requirements based on OEM specifications and methods of shipment. At suitable times during the transport and storage cycle of the equipment, data can be downloaded and transmitted to AJSS for expert analysis and report creation.