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All the 5’s

The AJSS Safety Moto “All the 5’s” is intrinsically linked to the industry safety models relating to the number 5.

We  created the Safety Globe using recognized methodologies that relate to the number 5. Five S, Step back 5 x 5, Take Five and even our 5 Senses. We placed international symbols that represent the number five around the globe. These symbols invoke questions that encourage further discussions about safety and how it can be achieved.

At the bottom reads the ultimate goal: “Everyone Safe, Everywhere”. Our goal is for everyone to live a safe and healthy life.


A key service that we provide, is a Cold Eyes Review of your project. A qualified, independent audit provides a unique perspective from a professional point of view. A Cold Eyes Review is invaluable to project success, providing critical management information and identifying targeted improvement opportunities in time for effective corrective actions.

High level reviews can be competed in less than one day.

With this flexibility, major gaps can be quickly identified and an action plan put in place to address any noncompliance areas or safety risk.