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Define, Manage and Mitigate Risk

We will assess your assets to lower lifecycle costs and increase lifecycle productivity.

Typically, a Technical Audit will have a broad focus. The AJSS Audit template will concentrate on objectives and specific scope items and the process will include correspondence with the Customer management. Objectives will include, safety systems, quality of site maintenance programs, robustness of the use of maintenance procedures and an overall view of the technical risk profile, over the production life of the Power Station or Gas Plant.


The audit is carried out by an expert representative who follows a detailed list of checks from our template.  They will collaborate with other AJSS experts to produce the final audit report and then evaluate using Audit Report Scoring.

A scale of 1-5 is applied to rate the various aspects of the survey:

  1. Unsatisfactory for continued operation either from safety or cost/risk limitation. 
  2. No imminent risk of equipment failure or damage but continued operation is likely to adversely affect Plant availability and/or expose operator to avoidable, financial risk. 
  3. Satisfactory. Could be improved to provide greater protection from equipment failure but certainly deemed to be safe.
  4. Very Good. Equal or better than industry standard.  Best value for investment, effective costs in order to maintain this level.
  5. Outstanding.  Such a level should be reviewed to ensure that retention is cost effective.

It is believed that sound operation of such a plant, should be targeting 3-4 levels in all aspects of Plant Operation and Maintenance.